溶接H型鋼歪矯正 久保工業株式会社/長崎


We manufacture welded H-beam manufacturing equipment and production lines at the Kinkai Factory.

Business description

We manufacture welded H-beam manufacturing equipment and production lines. We also perform product maintenance and overhaul so that you can use the product for a long time.
In addition, we have received crane manufacturing approval, and we can also manufacture cranes as ancillary equipment.

事業 溶接H型鋼歪矯正装置1 久保工業株式会社/長崎
事業 溶接H型鋼歪矯正装置2 久保工業株式会社/長崎

Welded H-beam strain straightener

The roll section steel strain straightener is a groundbreaking device that has been completed as a result of intensive research and improvement based on our extensive experience in manufacturing hull blocks, bridges and building steel frames for many years.
It has been used by more than 1000 customers in Japan and overseas, and has greatly contributed to cost reduction by improving productivity and saving labor.

製品1 溶接H型鋼歪矯正装置 久保工業株式会社/長崎
製品2 溶接H型鋼歪矯正装置 久保工業株式会社/長崎

Welded H-section steel manufacturing equipment


Welding H-section steel welding line


Welded H-shaped steel straightening equipment

Parts manufacturing equipment

部材製造 組立装置(兼用機)

Assembly device (combined machine)

部材製造 組立装置(溶接中)

Assembly equipment (during welding)

部材製造 組立装置

Assembly equipment

部材製造 鋼床版矯正装置

Steel deck straightening device

Steel frame manufacturing equipment

鉄骨製造設備 矯正ライン

Orthodontic line

鉄骨製造設備 サブマージ本溶接機

Submerge main welding machine

鉄骨製造設備 反転装置付クレーン

Crane with reversing device

鉄骨製造設備 形鋼(柱)用ポジショナー

Positioner for shaped steel (column)

鉄骨製造設備 チェーン式反転装置

Chain type reversing device

Ship parts manufacturing equipment

船舶部材製造 ロンジ(補強材)仮組立機

Longi (reinforcing material) temporary assembly machine

船舶部材製造 ロンジ(補強材)本溶接機

Longi (reinforcing material) main welding machine


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