お知らせ 久保工業株式会社/長崎
Apr.2024 An employee who joined Kubo Industries after graduating from the school was used as the model for a poster for the Nagasaki Technical College.
Jul.2023 Our company was introduced in the job hunting information magazine NR.(Nagasaki Shimbun NR July/August issue)
Jul.2023 Our company was published in the Nagasaki Shimbun. (Nagasaki Shimbun June 23, 2023 morning edition)
Jun.2022   Our new employees were featured on TV at the Technical Training Center Completion Ceremony.
Dec.2021   Produced a recruitment video.
Jul.2021   Digital signage installed at Kinkai Factory

With the replacement of the advertising board at the Kinkai Factory, we installed digital signage inside the advertising board.

デジタルサイネージ 久保工業株式会社/長崎 デジタルサイネージ 久保工業株式会社/長崎
Mar.2021   Introduced one of the largest 5-sided processing machines in western Japan

We have introduced one of the largest five-sided processing machines in western Japan that can process all at once except for the lower surface that is fixed to the processing machine. This enables high-precision machining of large objects.

大型5面加工機 久保工業株式会社/長崎 大型5面加工機 久保工業株式会社/長崎
Nov.2020   TV commercial aired
Sep.2020   We released a video introducing the company
Sep.2017   We was involved in the production of Dejima Omotemon Bridge

It was produced in collaboration with Oshima Shipbuilding and won the Good Design Award.

出島表門橋 久保工業株式会社/長崎 出島表門橋 久保工業株式会社/長崎 出島表門橋 久保工業株式会社/長崎


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